63 Grove Street

Cooperstown, NY 13326


(607) 437-4103


Lydia and Suzanne have been Reiki practitioners since the mid-1990s. They have pursued extensive study of the Usui lineage of Reiki from Reiki Masters Kris Kearns, Catherine LaBarre, John Harvey Gray and Lourdes Gray. 

Meet Lydia.... 

Lydia has been a Reiki practitioner since 1997. She received her Reiki Master Teacher certification, in the Usui tradition, in 2001. Her teachers have included John Harvey Gray, one of the original Western Reiki Masters. Lydia and her colleague, Suzanne Summers, established their business, YIPPEE! REIKI, in a Cooperstown studio where they offer Reiki sessions and instruction, shamanic practices, astrology readings, and gemstone classes. 


Lydia specializes in working with gemstones, enhancing her own daily life and her Reiki practice with these stones. She has had success in treating animals with Reiki. Having had years of experience in the health care field, it is her belief that Reiki combines well with traditional Western medicine. Lydia has taught Reiki to students at Hartwick College and SUNY Oneonta, and provided free Reiki sessions each month to residents of a local adult home. She looks forward to bringing Reiki, astrology and gemstones to the Cooperstown area.

Meet Suzanne...

Suzanne has been a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) since 1998, having received  attunements for Reiki Level I, Level II, and Advanced Reiki Training in the years prior to that date. Suzanne and her colleague, Lydia Garcia, have had the honor of receiving additional Levels I and II training from John Harvey Gray, one of the original Reiki Masters in the Western world.


Suzanne has taught Reiki classes at Hartwick College, State University of New York at Oneonta and at Binghamton, Bard College, and in Mendoza, Argentina. She helped establish a free Reiki share experience, open to all Reiki practitioners. Monthly, Suzanne offers free Reiki sessions at a local adult home. In their studio at 63 Grove St, Cooperstown, NY they offer Reiki sessions and attunement classes for all ages.


Suzanne is currently enrolled in the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3-year Advanced Studies program, and now offers shamanic practices at the Yippee! Reiki studio. She traveled to Mongolia in the summer of 2017 to work with shamans there, and enjoys a worldwide shamanic practice.


Suzanne has been a registered nurse since 2004. She has worked for hospice and home care.  Suzanne's practice philosophy combines Reiki, shamanism, and a nurse’s understanding of the workings of the human body to express her belief in the interconnectedness of the powerful ways in which renewal can take place. She looks forward to expanding YIPPEE! REIKI’s reach to introduce more people to the multiple ways of attaining one’s highest good.

Lydia and Suzanne's sessions are enhanced by the use of crystals and soothing music. They are dedicated to the promotion of Reiki by offering both Reiki sessions and Reiki attunements, classes in which people receive the ability to practice Reiki themselves.